Life with a Kindle Fire

Sometimes for some exceptionally unlucky individuals like yours truly, a bricked kindle fire may stop being accepted as valid USB device making windows show the “USB device not recognized” message, a message one may associate with bad USB flash drives. Unless you manage to get your kindle fire recognized again, there will be no ADB, no Kindle fire utility, and no unbricking tools for you.

In my case, and this worked a couple of times. Turning your kindle fire off while it is connected to USB by holding the power button for up to 20 seconds, then turning  it back on while it is still connected solved the problem.

When the kindle fire starts, in will be recognized as a “Kindle” device without a valid driver, that’s your opening, don’t miss it. Know that if you disconnect & connect you will be back to the usb device not recognized message.

Once you have the kindle device, right click it and install a driver manually for it. if you don’t have the driver, you can find it with any kindle fire utility.

Note that this may not work on a first try, you may want to try it on a different computer, if you can’t get  the kindle fire to recognize. a 32bit windows XP maybe is your best bet.


Wish this was helpful, I know how frustrating a bricked kindle fire can be. Good luck!



There are many reasons to root kindle fire, more than there is for any other android device. The most obvious one is to get to install the real android market.

For those who do not know, Rooting an android device (kindle fire here) allows you and your apps to gain root privileges on the device, and that means the ability to read and write from the system and other protected folder, by having this ability you will be able to modify core elements in your device, tweak it, get the most of it. At the same time, rooting can be risky, because it will allow you or one of your apps to mess the kindle fire`s system and boot files, which may lead a bricked kindle fire.

This simple guide will show you how to root kindle fire easily and safely, just follow the steps, don`t improvise, and you will have a rooted kindle fire in like 5 minutes. This method has been tested up to 6.2.1

5 Steps to Root kindle fire:

1. Download this file and extract it. it contains the Kindle fire Utility. a  software brought to you by the guys at XDA Developers. (see the credits there and if you can donate to them, please do).

2. plug in you kindle fire via USB, on your computer, go to the device manager(right click my computer, manage, then device manager) , if you see an “android composite ADB” under android phone, then skip this step. if you see a mis-installed   “kindle” device, right click it, click update driver software select browse computer for driver, then select let me pick from a list, then “have disk” . browse to the drivers  folder in the Kindle fire utility that you extracted and select android_winusb.inf. if you are given a red warning message, click install anyway.

kindle fire root driver

Dont continue unless your kindle fire is shown as   “android composite ADB Interface”

3. Open the file called run.bat, then select install permanent root with superuser by typing  it’s number (3) then hitting enter. If you have a message like <waiting for device> it means that you didn’t install the driver correctly, get back to step 2.

root kindle fire 1

4. wait until the process is finished, hit enter until the Kindle fire utility is closed.

5. That’s it! your kindle fire should be rooted now.

You may want to confirm that your successfully rooted your kindle fire, you may do so by installing the root checker or activating the following options in your ES file explorer




Now that you have rooted your kindle fire, you may want to install the Go luncher EX, android market place, and other Google apps.


Please let me know if you run into any trouble