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Ice Cream Sandwich ICS for Kindle Fire

April 6th, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Roms

As most of you may know; The Kindle Fire comes with a highly customized Gingerbread Android (Android 2.3), a version that soon will be history with the official releasure of Google’s Android 2.4, code name: Ice Cream Sandwich. Despite the fact that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has just been released during the last quarter of 2011, there is not yet any official statement that Amazon is planning to officially upgrade their tablet to the latest version.

Thank Google, Android is open source, meaning that anyone can get the source directly from Google, and compile it to run on any android compliant device. A process that is far from being easy, but it still can be achieved with the right ammount of passion and dedication.

Kindle Fire has received a fair share ICS roms, from all these I have selected theĀ ReloadedROM v1.1 Developered by BitBlaze a developer from the XDA developers community.

The reloaded rom is based on CM9, (CyanogenMod9) a highly optimized mod of google’s ICS source. Customized to match Kindle Fire’s capabilities, and to provide the best experience with Google apps.

Kindle Fire ICS

The installation is fairly easy. Just follow the original guide here, and you’ll be up and running in about 15 minutes.

The experience is also great, quick startup, fluid UI, The Play Store also is fully open, even apps that are hidden due to the missing compatibility as are viewable.

Play Market ICS Kindle fireYou can even install the free kindle app from the Play store to restore the stock Amazon ebook reader functionality.

Kindle Fire books on ICSOn the downside, and while you’re still able to enjoy games and Videos, Graphics Hardware acceleration is not yet available for Kindle Fire on ICS. Meaning that you can’t watch HD videos (smoothly) or play high end 3d games (Lighter games like AngryBirds still work great). Developers are working on a new kernel to enable hardware acceleration, and once they’re done, Reloaded Rom and many other ICS adaptations will get full HA as it is on the stock Amazon rom.



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