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Update Kindle Fire to 6.2.2 with RTL Arabic support.

January 21st, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Kindle Fire Tweaks

Updating your Arabic supported kindle fire to 6.2.2 with modified , pre-rooted packages will probably brick your kindle fire. That’s because the new version updates some of the files patched for RTL support (framework.jar, with unpatched ones.

To update to 6.2.2 without bricking while keeping RTL support, use this image that I made. It combines a pre-rooted update only (not the complete system) 6.2.2 with RTL patched files from the same version.

copy the file to your kindle Fire via USB then install it with TWRP, wipe dalvik and cache. then reboot.

Unbricking Kindle Fire after updating to 6.2.2 with an unpatched pre-rooted update

If you have already patched and bricked your kindle fire do the following:

1. connect your bricked Kindle fire via USB, make sure the drivers are installed, start TWRP (or install it using KFU then open it)

2. Open you command promote and find your adb folder.

3 run this command:

adb push /sdcard/

4. ¬†using TWRP, select install and then the file you just uploaded, install it. then reboot. That’s it, you should be saved!


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