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Installing Arabic support & Font for Kindle Fire

January 18th, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Kindle Fire Tweaks

Needless to say, Kindle Fire doesn’t support Arabic or any other RTL language out of the box. While we wait for their update team to address this problem as they would enthusiastically tell you if you contact them about this issue, we can install Arabic for the kindle fire using a utility made by an independent coder (madmack) for some other android phones, but to make this happen, you’ll need a rooted Kindle fire.

Please be warned that this process is risky as it involves replacing system files, I for one bricked my kindle fire 3 times trying to pull this off. Please have TWRP installed and make a backup before doing anything. I cant be held responsible for any damage you cause to your device!

Installing Arabic for Kindle Fire.


Method 1. TWRP required

  1. Download this tool.
  2. Copy with your favorite file explorer to find the following files and copy them to the sdcard folder in order to transfer them to your PC.

    /system/framework/framework.jar /system/lib/ /system/lib/

  3. Copy these files to your computer by connecting your kindle Fire via USB, and place them in the input folder of the tool you downloaded.
  4. Run commands.exe, leave everything to its default, and don’t clause the commands prompts when they show up.
  5. Copy to your kindle fire by usb then restart.
  6. Start TWRP by pressing the power button when the yellow triangle is shown until the light turns orange.
  7. Click flash, then browse for your, flash it then reboot.
  8. That’s all arabic should now be enabled and with the Android Sans font ( not the ugly default font)

Method 2.

I wouldn’t recommend this method as it bricked my kindle fire many times, but it seems to work for everyone else so… Anyway this method will not install the Sans font. This method is the same as on XDA

  1. Follow steps 1 – 4 from method 1.
  2. Copy all other files in the output folder to the kindle fire.
  3. On the kindle fore copy the files as follows:

Framework.jar to /system/framework/ Everything else to /system/lib Make sure to copy the last as it will make your kindle fire crash.

  1. After a reboot, if your kindle fire starts then your golden, if not try holding the power button for like 20 seconds, it should work afterwards, if not then welcome to the club, you’ve just been bricked! Restore your kindle fire backup using TWRP, then try method 1

Method 3.

This is an experimental method, it really should work though. Only on 6.2.1

  1. Download this file, and flash it using TWRP.
  2. That’s that. You should be good, this is just method 1, but I did steps 1-5 for you!


Later, I’ll add an easy guide to install Arabic supported keyboards to your kindle fire.

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19 Responses

  • Bougour says:

    من فضلك بسط الشرح من واحد إلى أربعة لأني لم أفهم
    pls can you explain easy way from one to for because I didn’t understand

  • Bougour says:

    I rooted my KF and I install TWRP my V 6.2.2
    I try to open command promote it give me this
    E:cannot load volume
    If can pls explain
    2- Copy with your favorite file explorer to find the following files and copy them to the sdcard folder in order to transfer them to your PC.
    setup by setup I didn’t get it

  • Jafar says:


    What a great post. I was able to enable Farsi on my KF 6.2.2. I would like to add two point that may help users.

    –>The green power light will turn into orange. Then there is a blank screen and a few seconds pause.

    –>In step 7, you need to click the Install button, select the flash and then click flash.

    I again thank you so much for sharing this wonderful info.

  • Ahmad says:

    I updated my kindle to 6.3 and i rooted it using KFU v0.9.5 which didn’t work well (it didn’t install superuser)
    but TWRP is installed on my kindle, I just wana know if i can still use method 1 to install Arabic on my kindle
    thx in advanced.

    • PsMan says:


      Yes Method 1 “should” still work, I haven’t tried it yet. just backup with twrp before doing it, just in case.

      let us know how it goes.

  • Ahmad says:

    Sorry dude I really want to make sure that method 1 is working, I don’t wana be the first to try it but thx for the reply anyway, and if u can tell me how to backup using TWRP I’ll be very grateful.

    • PsMan says:

      It’s ok, Ill update when I get the time to do it.

      to backup, just open TWRP as usual (click the power button at startup when the yellow triangle is up), there should be a “backup” button there, it will create a backup in your sdcard. pretty straight forward

  • Ahmad says:

    sorry for being naggy but I really want to know if anyone tried to install Arabic after the 6.3 update and succeed using method 1.

  • Marc Manley says:

    Thanks. I was able to root my KF but I feel there’s a step missing here. I do not understand how I do steps 2-4. Can you please help? Don’t assume anything – I am new to using CMD and have never done this before. Many thanks,

  • Marc Manley says:


    5. Copy to your kindle fire by usb then restart.

    What folder do we copy this to?

    • PsMan says:


      First off, notice that this post is old, so unless you’re still using the same old version, I cant tell if it will work.

      You can copy anywhere, because you will browse for the file later using TWRP, i recommend you copy to the root of the USB storage.

      I really recommend you move to a ICS of JB software, arabic support os out of the box there.

      good luck

  • Marc Manley says:

    I see. Thank you. Do you have a link concerning ICS of JB software? I am not familiar with that.

  • dana says:

    why does it have to be so complicated! i want a iPad instead!

    and whats TWRP anyway?

  • Bekhit says:

    The third method bricked my device. I did a backup before, so I’m good. I returned back to the backup. Tried method 2 didnt work with me. The device didnt reboot by its own.
    The first method worked for me. I took long to boot but with a sign of loading. ( the screen flashed once though)

    Thanks man

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