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February 3rd, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Kindle Fire Tweaks

Officially, you can’t change the wallpaper of the kindle fire, because it doesn’t have one. But thanks to rooting, we now know that the splash screen of the kindle fire fire actually the android wallpaper. And you will see it if you install your favorite launcher.

Go Launcher EX can change the wallpaper on your kindle fire. just open the options menu, select wallpaper, and change it to whatever you want, Live wallpapers, Go launcher wallpapers, or just any image. But the thing is, kindle fire will restore the stupid default wallpaper when your device goes to sleep.

Change Kindle Fire wallpaper

I stumbled upon a great tip on XDA developers forum by “JoshuaLintag” on how to prevent Kindle fire from changing its wallpaper. To do it:

How to change Kindle Fire wallpaper:

  • use your favorite file explorer, ES file explorer for example and navigate to¬†data/data/
  • you’ll find a wallpaper file, long press it to show the menu, select properties
  • change permissions. Remove all write permissions to the file from “user” and “group”
  • That’s it, Kindle Fire wallpaper is now yours to change.



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7 Responses

  • Binary Blue says:

    I coded an app to change the wallpaper WITHOUT ROOT. You can get it at:

  • lindsey says:

    I rooted my kindle fire and everything seems to work except the wallpapers. It will only let me use the live ones when I change to a go launcher one nothing happens. I can change the theme but the wall paper will only work with live. I did change the permissions and it will stay on the live one I choose. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • cliff says:

      im having the same problem. also i got an update so now its technically not rooted yet i have the only live wallpapers thing and the app store. so i cant access my data files anymore on root explorer

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