Life with a Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire driver is not needed if you only intend to use it as a storage device to get files in and out of it. The driver is however needed for ADB to recognize the “kindle” device is the device panel. ADB is needed to root, or unbrick kindle fire.

This driver was made by modifying the default google android driver by adding the kindle fire device ID to it. Or you can simply get it off the driver folder in the kindle fire utility.

Open your device manager, find the mis-installed “Kindle Driver”, right click it and select install driver, skip auto search, and local search, and specify the driver manually from the driver folder in the package you downloaded.


That should do it, this driver is also valid if your Kindle fire is in recovery mode (black screen) .

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change kindle Fire wallpaper

February 3rd, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Kindle Fire Tweaks - (7 Comments)
Change Kindle Fire wallpaper

Officially, you can’t change the wallpaper of the kindle fire, because it doesn’t have one. But thanks to rooting, we now know that the splash screen of the kindle fire fire actually the android wallpaper. And you will see it if you install your favorite launcher.

Go Launcher EX can change the wallpaper on your kindle fire. just open the options menu, select wallpaper, and change it to whatever you want, Live wallpapers, Go launcher wallpapers, or just any image. But the thing is, kindle fire will restore the stupid default wallpaper when your device goes to sleep.

Change Kindle Fire wallpaper

I stumbled upon a great tip on XDA developers forum by “JoshuaLintag” on how to prevent Kindle fire from changing its wallpaper. To do it:

How to change Kindle Fire wallpaper:

  • use your favorite file explorer, ES file explorer for example and navigate to data/data/
  • you’ll find a wallpaper file, long press it to show the menu, select properties
  • change permissions. Remove all write permissions to the file from “user” and “group”
  • That’s it, Kindle Fire wallpaper is now yours to change.



Android Market on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire comes only with the tiny Amazon marketplace, Installing the full android market  on the kindle fire was probably not an option for amazon as they needed the monopoly on the apps sales in order to be able to offer the Kindle Fire at the light price of 199.

Luckily, installing the Google Market place on the kindle fire is now an easy task. All you need to do is to root your kindle fire and copy the market apk to the system apps folder manually or using the kindle Fire utility.


Kindle Fire Arabic Keyboard

Updating your Arabic supported kindle fire to 6.2.2 with modified , pre-rooted packages will probably brick your kindle fire. That’s because the new version updates some of the files patched for RTL support (framework.jar, with unpatched ones.

To update to 6.2.2 without bricking while keeping RTL support, use this image that I made. It combines a pre-rooted update only (not the complete system) 6.2.2 with RTL patched files from the same version.

copy the file to your kindle Fire via USB then install it with TWRP, wipe dalvik and cache. then reboot.

Unbricking Kindle Fire after updating to 6.2.2 with an unpatched pre-rooted update

If you have already patched and bricked your kindle fire do the following:

1. connect your bricked Kindle fire via USB, make sure the drivers are installed, start TWRP (or install it using KFU then open it)

2. Open you command promote and find your adb folder.

3 run this command:

adb push /sdcard/

4.  using TWRP, select install and then the file you just uploaded, install it. then reboot. That’s it, you should be saved!


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Kindle Fire Arabic Keyboard

Kindle Fire comes with just one keyboard, without the possibility to install any alternative keyboards to support additional languages such as Arabic etc.

Luckily there is a way around this for Rooted devices, compatibility won’t be as great as it is with other Android devices, but you’ll get a compatible keyboard eventually.


1. The Easiest way to go around this is to have the Android market installed, just open it and pick a keyboard, don’t get too excited yet, it wont’ work this easy.

2. Open ES explorer and go to /data/app, look for the apk of the keyboard you just installed, copy it and paste it to system/app

3. restart kindle fire, then open any app with an input text box, long click the input box, then hit select keyboard, your new keyboard should be in the list.

4. That’s it, you may want to check the installed keyboard settings, maybe you’ll be able to set it as the default keyboard. but don’t do that unless you are sure that the keyboard is fully compatible.

If you run into a force close, start over with a different keyboard.


If you’re looking for an arabic keyboard for kindle fire I would suggest “Arabic soft Keyboard”  it was fully compatible for meKindle Fire Arabic Keyboard

Needless to say, Kindle Fire doesn’t support Arabic or any other RTL language out of the box. While we wait for their update team to address this problem as they would enthusiastically tell you if you contact them about this issue, we can install Arabic for the kindle fire using a utility made by an independent coder (madmack) for some other android phones, but to make this happen, you’ll need a rooted Kindle fire.

Please be warned that this process is risky as it involves replacing system files, I for one bricked my kindle fire 3 times trying to pull this off. Please have TWRP installed and make a backup before doing anything. I cant be held responsible for any damage you cause to your device!

Installing Arabic for Kindle Fire.


Method 1. TWRP required

  1. Download this tool.
  2. Copy with your favorite file explorer to find the following files and copy them to the sdcard folder in order to transfer them to your PC.

    /system/framework/framework.jar /system/lib/ /system/lib/

  3. Copy these files to your computer by connecting your kindle Fire via USB, and place them in the input folder of the tool you downloaded.
  4. Run commands.exe, leave everything to its default, and don’t clause the commands prompts when they show up.
  5. Copy to your kindle fire by usb then restart.
  6. Start TWRP by pressing the power button when the yellow triangle is shown until the light turns orange.
  7. Click flash, then browse for your, flash it then reboot.
  8. That’s all arabic should now be enabled and with the Android Sans font ( not the ugly default font)

Method 2.

I wouldn’t recommend this method as it bricked my kindle fire many times, but it seems to work for everyone else so… Anyway this method will not install the Sans font. This method is the same as on XDA

  1. Follow steps 1 – 4 from method 1.
  2. Copy all other files in the output folder to the kindle fire.
  3. On the kindle fore copy the files as follows:

Framework.jar to /system/framework/ Everything else to /system/lib Make sure to copy the last as it will make your kindle fire crash.

  1. After a reboot, if your kindle fire starts then your golden, if not try holding the power button for like 20 seconds, it should work afterwards, if not then welcome to the club, you’ve just been bricked! Restore your kindle fire backup using TWRP, then try method 1

Method 3.

This is an experimental method, it really should work though. Only on 6.2.1

  1. Download this file, and flash it using TWRP.
  2. That’s that. You should be good, this is just method 1, but I did steps 1-5 for you!


Later, I’ll add an easy guide to install Arabic supported keyboards to your kindle fire.


There are many reasons to root kindle fire, more than there is for any other android device. The most obvious one is to get to install the real android market.

For those who do not know, Rooting an android device (kindle fire here) allows you and your apps to gain root privileges on the device, and that means the ability to read and write from the system and other protected folder, by having this ability you will be able to modify core elements in your device, tweak it, get the most of it. At the same time, rooting can be risky, because it will allow you or one of your apps to mess the kindle fire`s system and boot files, which may lead a bricked kindle fire.

This simple guide will show you how to root kindle fire easily and safely, just follow the steps, don`t improvise, and you will have a rooted kindle fire in like 5 minutes. This method has been tested up to 6.2.1

5 Steps to Root kindle fire:

1. Download this file and extract it. it contains the Kindle fire Utility. a  software brought to you by the guys at XDA Developers. (see the credits there and if you can donate to them, please do).

2. plug in you kindle fire via USB, on your computer, go to the device manager(right click my computer, manage, then device manager) , if you see an “android composite ADB” under android phone, then skip this step. if you see a mis-installed   “kindle” device, right click it, click update driver software select browse computer for driver, then select let me pick from a list, then “have disk” . browse to the drivers  folder in the Kindle fire utility that you extracted and select android_winusb.inf. if you are given a red warning message, click install anyway.

kindle fire root driver

Dont continue unless your kindle fire is shown as   “android composite ADB Interface”

3. Open the file called run.bat, then select install permanent root with superuser by typing  it’s number (3) then hitting enter. If you have a message like <waiting for device> it means that you didn’t install the driver correctly, get back to step 2.

root kindle fire 1

4. wait until the process is finished, hit enter until the Kindle fire utility is closed.

5. That’s it! your kindle fire should be rooted now.

You may want to confirm that your successfully rooted your kindle fire, you may do so by installing the root checker or activating the following options in your ES file explorer




Now that you have rooted your kindle fire, you may want to install the Go luncher EX, android market place, and other Google apps.


Please let me know if you run into any trouble