Life with a Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire google play market connection

I was installing some apps on a friend’s Kindle Fire when I noticed that the Wifi icon remained gray (usually indicating no internet). But when I tried to open a website it worked ok. Other than that  Google Play market was inaccessible, it was showing  a “No connection” message as if there was no internet connection.

To work around this, I opened the google play market in the browser, and that’s when I discovered the root cause of this problem. There was an error saying that the Google certificate is invalid, which can’t be right, so that only left one viable explanation to this issue, and it is the Date/Time of the kindle Fire it self. Appearantly, my friend didn’t bother to correct the date after he installed his ICS rom.

So the solution here is simple. Go to settings then date/time and adjust the date. try again to open the Google Play market, it should connect with no problems.


Sometimes for some exceptionally unlucky individuals like yours truly, a bricked kindle fire may stop being accepted as valid USB device making windows show the “USB device not recognized” message, a message one may associate with bad USB flash drives. Unless you manage to get your kindle fire recognized again, there will be no ADB, no Kindle fire utility, and no unbricking tools for you.

In my case, and this worked a couple of times. Turning your kindle fire off while it is connected to USB by holding the power button for up to 20 seconds, then turning  it back on while it is still connected solved the problem.

When the kindle fire starts, in will be recognized as a “Kindle” device without a valid driver, that’s your opening, don’t miss it. Know that if you disconnect & connect you will be back to the usb device not recognized message.

Once you have the kindle device, right click it and install a driver manually for it. if you don’t have the driver, you can find it with any kindle fire utility.

Note that this may not work on a first try, you may want to try it on a different computer, if you can’t get  the kindle fire to recognize. a 32bit windows XP maybe is your best bet.


Wish this was helpful, I know how frustrating a bricked kindle fire can be. Good luck!


Kindle Fire reader

The Kindle Reader in Kindle fire is responsible of the Books and Docs views in the original Kindle Fire interface. An update to the Kindle reader through the Android market place will corrupt it, making it incompatible and thus, making the Books and Docs views empty.

Luckily, there is a fix to this, all you need to do is to rollback the Kindle reader by removing the update installed through the market place. This is done by going to settings, applications, then finding Amazon Kindle , there should be an option there to uninstall update. do it.


Thats it your Kindle fire’s default interface should be working again.