Life with a Kindle Fire
PSX gamex on Kindle Fire

for those who doesn’t know the first Playstation, PSX, or PsOne, the first Sony gaming console, a console that paved the way for all of todays gaming systems. The machine that was blessed with some of the games that I still call “the best games ever”, (Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, Metal gear solid 1, Resident evil 3, Dino Crysis, Silent Hill) . All of these are now back to meet you on your Kindle Fire, for many hours of Neo Retro fun.

PSX gamex on Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire, being an Android based device with enough horsepower, will bring you a relatively nice & smooth experience  with most of the Playstation games.

There are two playstation emulators that I know of for android. FPSe & PSx4android. The latter is a free emulator, but unfortunately it didn’t work on my Kindle Fire, at least not the current version on 6.2.2 or 6.2.1 .

FPSe for android on the other hand works just fine on kindle Fire, all you need to do is get yourself a copy of it (Android market 4.24 USD), it will need another file called a BIOS, it will instruct you on how to get it when you install it .

Once you’re all set, undust your old PSX cds, convert them to ISOs, copy them to your kindle Fire and fire them up with FPSe for android.

playstation on Kindle Fire picture

Unfortunately Kindle Fire doesn’t have Bluetooth (or does it?), if it did (would), we’ll be able to use Bluetooth game controllers  to control the games, but so far we’ll have to stick with the overlay controls.

what’s the best PSX game you got running on the Kindle Fire? for me it was Parasite Eve 2



Manga for the Kindle Fire

January 23rd, 2012 | Posted by PsMan in Kindle fire activities - (2 Comments)

Reading manga on the kindle fire is great, the screen size is just enough for you to read without zooming, the quality of the screen is more than enough for a good experience, and it is fast enough to provide smooth zooming, sliding between the pages.

So today we’ll talk about how to get manga for the kindle fire.

Getting Manga for the kindle fire.

well, if you’re a fan of Manga or comics, you must already have a nice stash of it on your computer, also you would also like to have easy access to the new chapters.

So basically well do this:

1. Get you a nice app to read, download, search for Manga.

2. Figure out a way to read your manga from your computer without copying  it to the kindle fire modest 8GBs

3. Find an efficient way to copy the chapters you need to your kindle for easy reading on the go.


So first things first: a Manga app:

Getting a reader for manga for the kindle fire is easy. Just search the Android market for the word manga. Pocket manga is a great place to start. it has lots of sources, the ability to read online and save for offline reading later. The downside is that it doesn’t read your own manga, you can only read the stuff you downloaded using pocketmanga. but that’s good enough for our purpose for it.

  Manga in kindle fire picture

Now to the second part: streaming your computer’s manga for the Kindle Fire, needless to say, you must be in the same network for this to work :

First you’ll need to share the folder where you store your manga. Right click, select properties then go to “Sharing” , then click share, Grant the “Everyone” reading rights .

Now go to the kindle fire and start your ES file explorer, click LAN, your computer should show up there, click it and find the manga share you created. you can read using the ES file explorer’s image viewer, it will provide you with a similar experience to any other manga reader.

 Manga for the kindle fire image

Last but not least, you can copy the chapters you want from the share you created to your /sdcard folder. This way you’ll be able to finish reading while you’re out.